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In-Home Care

In addition to our Assisted Living Homes, we provide in-home care services for people who want to continue living in their own home while receiving assistance. If you need assistance with cooking, changing, laundry, bathing, household chores or other life issues, a caregiver can assist you right in your home.

Our In-Home Care services are offered to individuals who live in the immediate surrounding areas of our assisted living homes. One unique feature of this service is the ability to have a caregiver respond to non-medical emergency situation within 15 minutes of a call. Our In-Home care services involve having a certified caregiver assist you in your home with those tasks or challenges in which you require assistance. Many clients need help with grocery shopping, going to the doctor, cleaning, bathing, meal preparation, or other personal issues. We tailor a plan that will work for your budget and needs. Some of our clients have a caregiver visit them 3 times a day, preparing or bringing meals, while others require less frequency. After an individual assessment, we can assist in preparing a routine that works for you and your individual care needs.

For a free assessment call Life's Blessings and one of our loving care evaluators will perform a simple, hassle-free evaluation in your home. Costs vary depending on care level and requirements, and in some cases persons with long-term care insurance pay nothing for this service.