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Respite care

For persons who require short-term assisted living due to rehabilitation from a recent injury or surgery, Life's Blessings respite care program may be right for you.

Respite Care is similar to assisted living but usually involves a care plan that is short in duration due to the expected recovery of the resident. The goal of the resident is to be f ully independent, usually within 2 weeks to 3 months. Often physical therapy is conducted by Home Care Agencies who contract with Medicare or the patient's insurance and the therapists visit you in our assisted living home while you are recovering from your temporary impairment. Our home is geared for this need and we take care to make sure your diet requirements and desires are met and any other life issue that ultimately accomplishes your comfort and enjoyment during your stay with us. Respite care starts at $110.00 per day, depending on care needs. Our staff will also assist you in your home exercises as directed and provided by your physical or occupational therapists or other health care professionals.